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Taos Box Rafting Full Day

Rio Grande
Full Day
Minimum Age 13

About the trip

Taos Box Rafting is offered through New Mexico River Adventures- New Mexico’s Premier Whitewater run!! This trip meets at our Rio Grande Headquarters at 8am and is usually finished between 2:30pm and 3:30pm, depending on the water levels. We will stop half way to enjoy our signature hot chicken fajita lunch. You will park in the safe, secure parking lot at our Rio Grande Headquarters and your car will act as your locker while you are on the trip. Don't worry if you forgot your sunscreen, water shoes, hat or sunglasses. We have all of it and more for sale at very reasonable prices at our Headquarters.

  • Paddle through the class 3 and 4 rapids of the Taos Box
  • Amazing wildlife sightings from bighorn sheep to golden eagles
  • One of the greatest single day rafting trips in the U.S
  • Hot, chicken fajita lunch

This trip meets at our private, Rio Grande Headquarters which is conveniently located 1 hour north of Santa Fe and 30 min. south of Taos. Our fully stocked Headquarters and Outfitters Shop is in the heart of the Rio Grande Gorge right across the street from the river, less than 1 mile from the finishing point of the most popular trips and offers safe, secure parking in our private parking lot.

For directions to our Rio Grande Headquarters click here!

Do I need to know how to swim?
It is recommended but not mandatory that all our guests know how to swim. All guests are given Type V, US Coast Guard approved flotation devices (lifejackets) that are designed to float you on your back, nice and high in the water. For all our class 3 and above sections on the Rio Grande, you will also be issued a helmet.

What do I need to wear?
We have packing lists for you to review for each of our different trip types. Remember that the weather changes dramatically throughout the New Mexico rafting season. It can be significantly colder during March-May we encourage our guests to always be prepared.

What if it’s my first time, do I need experience?
There is no experience required for any of our river trips. However, we encourage experience for our more difficult, Taos Box and Razorblades trips. Please feel free to call us with any concerns or questions about appropriate trips for your group.

Can I bring my dog?
Unfortunately, we cannot bring our furry friends on our river trips. We ask that you leave your pets at home before heading to our headquarters.

Can I leave my dog with you?
We do not have a secure area to keep your dog at our headquarters. Moreover, the temperatures get extremely hot during our season, because of this, you will NOT be able to leave your pets in your car. We ask that you leave your pets at home before heading to our headquarters.

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This is possibly the greatest full day rafting trip in the country. Nowhere else can you find the same quality whitewater in such a remote and pristine canyon with incredible wildlife viewing opportunities. The “Box” flows through the heart of the Rio Grande Gorge some 800 feet deep.

The Float

The layout of this run is absolutely perfect as the beginning is relatively calm with plenty of opportunities to work on your paddling techniques and feel comfortable working together as a team to negotiate the many rapids ahead. In the final five miles of this Taos box rafting trip, the gradient increases and the rapids become more intense and come in much quicker succession. Brace yourself in and paddle hard through these steep and visually stunning rapids! You are almost guaranteed to spot Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep leaping across boulders below the cliffs or enjoying a drink from the river as well as river otter and a large variety of birds of prey as you float through this spectacular canyon.

Taos Box

Explore the inner gorge and experience quality Class IV whitewater rapids like Power Line Falls, the Rock Garden, the mile-long Rio Bravo section and the grand finale Sunset. This is fast-paced whitewater action sure to thrill and soak you.

About halfway through the Taos Box Gorge, your trip will stop and take a break on one of the beautiful riverside beaches in the heart of this amazing canyon. Here, a superb riverside lunch is served prepared fresh by our guides right in front of your eyes. Our guides are the best in the business, focusing on safety and guest service as a top priority. All are extremely knowledgeable about the area’s geology, ecology and history and just love being on the river. Many with experience on rivers all over the country and across the globe, I know you’ll enjoy each one as much as we do and will certainly help to make your day on the river the best possible.

What To Expect

Boats are typically run as paddle boats where you participate by paddling as a team with a guide sitting in the back steering and calling out paddle commands. In addition to Exceptional Guides you will be outfitted with our high-quality self-bailing boats, Farmer John style wetsuits, nylon “splash jackets”, Type 5 PFDs, and adjustable whitewater helmets. The Taos Box rafting trip meets at our headquarters at 8:00 a.m. and usually returns to our headquarters at 3:30 p.m. Come prepared and join us for this amazing journey and certainly one of the best single days of rafting in the country.

The minimum age for Taos Box rafting is 13 and should weigh at least 90 pounds.

**This trip is water level dependent and may not be available on the date you reserve.  If so, we will reach out before your trip to discuss all options, including but not limited to alternate trips.  Please note that it is possible that we will not know until the day before the trip, whether or not the river levels will be adequate.  Often times, the flows linger at  runnable levels for long periods of time, as well as our monsoon season affecting the river levels unexpectedly. No matter what, we always have options and a great day on the river for you!


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