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Why is Whitewater Rafting So Fun?

March 13th, 2019

Do you remember the last time you went camping, hiking, or mountain biking? Remember getting that feeling of excitement thinking “oh wow, this is super fun, I should get outdoors more often?” It’s true. Getting out of the office, out of the house, and back outdoors, out in nature, is addicting. It’s like a drug, but the good kind.

Well, whitewater rafting is the same. It’s addicting. the wild rapids, the unexpected twists and turns, the screams of excitement. It’s thrilling! So, today, we are going to try and answer the age old question, “why is whitewater rafting so fun?” You ready for another adventure? Read on!

It’s a Unique Experience.

In life, and all around the world, there are thousands of unique opportunities to have fun. Traveling to another country, cliff diving, eating foreign cuisine, and many others. For whitewater rafting, it is the same. While it is not as popular as going to the beach or visiting a theme park, it still has a cult following, making it one of the most unique experiences you could try.

Spending Quality Time with Loved Ones.

We all know how busy life can get. And because of this, it’s always hard to find time to spend with your loved ones. However, in the case of whitewater rafting, being neatly packed in a rubber raft like sardines helps to fix that issue. Not only do you get to spend quality time with your loved ones, you also get to experience bonding like never before. You’ll all remember these trips for years to come.

It’s a Learning Experience.

No matter what part of the adventure you’re on, there is always something you can learn from it.  The people, the animals, the plants, the scenery and even the river itself. There are even legends, tales and the famed “ghost stories” to learn as well. So, as long as you have a knowledgable guide riding with you down the rapids, you’ll be able to experience the river adventure to it’s full potential. Just make sure not to close your eyes, or else you might just miss something amazing!

The Adventure!

If you think about it, almost every part of whitewater river rafting is an adventure. But, here’s the thing that most people don’t realize. It’s not always about what you see, but what you feel that makes the adventure, well, an “adventure.” Adrenaline pumping through your veins as you crash through the rapids. The spray of the river getting in your face. The sudden feeling you get when your stomach drops as you go over a waterfall(even a small one.) No matter what part of the river you are on, who you’re with or what you see, every part is an adventure.

Sexy Guides.

Not all guides look like they’re from the 1840’s about to go panning for gold alright? As silly as it sounds, it’s true. Most river rafting guides work tirelessly in the off-season making sure they are strong enough to handle the raging rapids. And with all of that hard work, their physique becomes something that nearly everyone will notice. So, whenever you’re on an adventure with one, make sure to thank them for all their hard work and dedication to their job! They will all appreciate it!

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