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So It Begins!!

March 18th, 2011

It is official! New Mexico River Adventures has run our first trip of the 2011 season.  Mark and Leigh of San Antonio, Texas joined us for two fantastic days of biking and rafting.  The biking portion took place along the West Rim trail overlooking the Taos Box section and stopping for lunch near the Gorge Bridge, a breathtaking sight not to be missed.  The river trip was the next day on the lower canyon starting with a scenic float through the Orilla Verde State Park followed up with and exciting ride through the Racecourse, the class 3 section.  The temperatures in Northern New Mexico are starting to warm up and spring is definitely in the air! It is prime time for a those of you out there that would prefer to run the river and see less people and more wildlife.  The bald eagles are still hanging out near the river fattening up for the flight back north in the near future. The plans for our brand new shop are moving along right on schedule.  NMRA will be meeting all of our guests at the new location just south of the ending point of the most popular section on the Rio Grande, The Racecourse.  We are looking forward to providing everyone with a safe place to leave their vehicles, an opportunity to pick up any last minute essentials (sunscreen, water shoes, hats, etc.) and also the ability to view your photos right after your trip.  We can’t wait to open the doors! We are hoping to see all of our old friends out here this summer and we are so excited for all the new ones we are sure to make on the river.  Contact us today and let’s go boating!

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