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Looking for Paddle Boarding in Florida?

December 17th, 2012

Ever wished that you had a place where you can enjoy almost every paddle board condition? Lucky for us a Bare Life, Tampa offers some of the best waters. Stand up paddle board in Tampa is unique to say the least. Being a peninsula, Florida is surrounded by water on three sides. On the West coast we have the smooth, flat, and chill Gulf of Mexico. On the East coast, we have the waves, beauty, and party atmosphere of the Atlantic ocean. To the South we have crystal clear waters and amazing fishing found in the Keys. Between the three, lies countless river and springs. Truly the best of both worlds. For days that we are tight on time, we love traveling on the Hillsborough River. Being only 5 minutes away from this peaceful body of water, we are on it at least three times a week. Tampa is not known for our rapids. Instead we have slow moving rivers that are filled with amazing wildlife. I always find it a little unsettling when I am on the river with me 12 foot paddle board and I see an alligator close to the same size. I have a very healthy […]

Fall Trip on the Rio!

October 26th, 2012

There is an an undeniable chill in the air that will soon end the spectacular fall colors we have been having in the Rio Grande Valley.  Last week, this prompted us to load up the inflatable kayaks and head to the Bosque section and enjoy all the shades of yellow and even a bit of red!  The put in for this float trip is at the County Line River Access (the take out for the Race Course) and the take out is at the old Embudo Station Restaurant.  Matt’s dad, Bob Gontram, and his wife Sharyn joined us for the afternoon trip and we all had a great time.  We followed a gigantic Great Blue Heron, enjoyed a coyote drinking from the river as well as a beaver swimming up on shore to check us out.  To go along with all the gorgeous colors in hanging off the trees, we also encountered hundreds of apples floating along shore that sweetened the smell in the air, what a treat!!  The weather has cooled significantly today and will through the weekend, but then we expect the temperature to rise again and you can bet we will be out there paddling!!

Rio Chama-Rama!

June 20th, 2012

The Rio Chama is one of a kind.  Whether you choose to do a single day trip or a multi-day trip, you will be blown away by the beauty that the canyon holds.  With the lower water levels we are experiencing on the Rio Grande, the Army Corps of Engineers has been running a fantastic amount of water through the Chama to help out with irrigation and the ecology downstream. All of our Rio Chama trips meet in Abiquiu at Bode’s general store (great breakfast burritos) where we hop into our vans and make the drive to the put-in.  The daily trip drives to Chavez Canyon, just below the Christ in the Desert Monastery, and floats the 9 mile journey to Big Eddy take-out with fun class 2 and 3 whitewater in between.  The wilderness section begins outside of Tierra Amarilla just below El Vado Dam and runs down to either Chavez Canyon or Big Eddy depending on the length of your trip. This sections holds great wildlife sightings, spectacular views as well as a few fun rapids. We are proud to also include two specialty trips this season, a beer trip with the folks from Marble Brewery and a […]

For the love of Inflatable Kayaks!

May 20th, 2012

It is warming up in Northern New Mexico which means it is time to go rafting!  One of our favorite ways to run the river is in an inflatable kayak (IK).  The river levels we are anticipating throughout the summer are absolutely perfect for these spunky little crafts!  We offer one and two person New Mexico inflatable kayaking for the same price as a riding in a raft.  The Rio Grande Gorge Full Day trip is dreamy in an IK.  The morning starts off with an extensive safety and instructional talk about handling the craft.  The morning is spent floating through the Orilla Verde section that allows you to observe all the gorgeous birds while honing your paddling skills.  You can also paddle from bank to bank in search of the largest frog or turtle on the Rio Grande.  After a stop for lunch, the whitewater rapids are waiting!  The class 3 Racecourse is more than manageable for any adventurous spirit.  There is a perfect buildup of smaller rapids in anticipation for the the first big one, Albert’s Falls.  While the chances for falling out of the IK is a bit higher, you will find that getting back into the them […]

Rafting Season is Here!!

April 13th, 2012

New Mexico River Adventures is on the water!!  We have been running trips since April 1st on the Racecourse, Taos Box, Orilla Verde and Rio Chama.  We just launched a Rio Chama 3 day trip, our second of the season, that will be sure to hold fantastic wildlife sightings this early in the season including numerous sightings of mule deer and raptors.  Due to the warm March we had in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, there have been great releases on the Rio Chama in order to make room for all the snow melt coming into El Vado Dam. The Rio Grande saw higher than normal water levels through the Taos Box and Racecourse in March also due to warm temperatures.  We had some wet and wild rides through the Box and spotted our old buddies, the Big Horn Sheep.  The water has dropped down to more typical levels for this time of year which are still great to get out on the Rio Grande Gorge full day trip or the Racecourse half day trip.  We have some great storm prospects in the near future that will add to the snowpack and provide some great rafting later in the […]

Shiny New Boats!

March 10th, 2012

New Mexico River Adventures has just added to our fleet! We are the proud new owners of two brand spanking new Super Duper Pumas made by the company Aire out of Idaho.  We absolutely love this versatile design.  It is long enough to offer great stability in higher water situations in the Taos Box, as well as plenty of room for our guests to be comfortable and not feeling like sardines in a can.  The Super Duper is also skinny enough to work well in lower water technical situations, such as sliding through the slot at Big Rocks or threading through rocks at the Eye of the Needle.  Along with these two red beauties, we also added a couple of double inflatable kayaks into the mix.  Last season we had a few requests for these and we have answered the call.  They are perfect for any combination of skill level and a great way to share an adventure with your favorite partner.  New Mexico River Adventures does not charge any extra to take inflatable kayaks on our Rio Grande Gorge, Orilla Verde, Bosque or Racecourse trips.  We are so excited to take these babies for a spin.  If you book […]

Snowing in New Mexico!

March 2nd, 2012

Things are looking up for the 2012 rafting season on the Rio Grande!  Northern New Mexico has not been left out of the winter storm paths this winter leaving us with one of the best snowpacks in the Southwest.  As well, forecasters are predicting El Nino weather patterns to move in for the summer which will mean great rafting all season! Wendy and I are looking out the window at 2 inches of snow at the moment and more on the way.  We have spent some great days on the river recently with nice flows following warm days.  Great sightings of bald eagles and other birds of prey along with otter, deer and coyote all along the river banks.  All of these sightings are very common for the early season so think about joining us for some great April and early May adventures!

Wendy putting the final touches on the front entrance

NMRA Headquarters Officially Open

May 18th, 2011

New Mexico River Adventure’s new headquarters is officially open! We have been very busy in Rinconada recently and the newest and most complete rafting facility is finally open. Our full service base is complete with safe, secure parking and a full retail space full of fun items like NMRA t-shirts, hats and chums. We are also very excited about our latest offering, Stand Up Paddle Boarding. We have a nice selection of “SUP” boards from Boardworks available for rentals or guided trips and Instruction. Perfect for lower water on the Rio Grande and an amazing way to run the Chama. Simply the latest, greatest way to run the river. Come by and see what we mean or just say hi and check out the new facility. See you soon!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is now available at New Mexico River Adventures

May 7th, 2011

We are excited to add New Mexico stand up paddle boarding to our lineup. It is an awesome sport and really fun on the local lakes and rivers. The river is just a couple miles from our headquarters in Rinconada, NM. So come rent a board from us or take a lesson. You will have the time of your life. Call 1-800-983-7756 for more information or to reserve a board today. Thanks, NMRA See you soon…

Res ready for the new home

Days 5, 6, and 7. The New Headquarters is coming along nicely.

April 1st, 2011

A week ago Monday, all we had for our new headquarters at New Mexico River Adventures was a freshly poured concrete slab. By day Seven, we had all the framing done, the trusses up, the sheathing for the roof and sides on and just a few minor details left for the framing inspection. The bathrooms and office are framed up inside the building. The Plumbing is in and the Electrical has started. We will have the windows and doors in soon and then the Stucco will start. Any ideas for stucco color? We are thinking something with a cool standout color… While working on the building, the phone has been ringing and trips are being booked. Rafting season is just around the corner and we are super excited to have our new location open by then. So check out the Raft Trips we offer and book an awesome trip. We also offer Mountain Biking, Specialty Trips, International Trips, and a great Whitewater kayak Instruction school. See you all soon and check back for updates on the New Headquarters and the upcoming season. Enjoy the photos of our progress. Thanks, NMRA…