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Legendary Forest Fenn Treasure & River Rafting!

February 15th, 2019

Forest Fenn Treasure and how learning to river raft will help you in your search

In this world, there are many selfless people. Sometimes, we are touched by the good deeds that they do, and other times, we are able to interact with them. For the most part, these deeds go unseen and gone without any recognition. For an 80+ year old Forrest Fenn, however, his one good deed has been seen by, and criticized by, millions of people. Today, we will be taking a look at his deed, dubbed the “Forrest Fen Treasure” and likewise how learning to river raft will help you in your search. Ready? Set! Go!

When, why and for whom?

In 1988, Forrest Fenn, a self-taught millionaire archaeologist native to Santa Fe, New Mexico, was diagnosed with cancer. At the time, Forrest filled a small chest with over 40 pounds of emeralds, rubies, gold coins and diamonds, and decided to take it to the mountains to die. But, remarkably, he completely beat cancer and ended up leaving the chest in a walk-in vault in his home.

However, in 2010, with the end of the Great Recession, he decided to hide it and launch the hunt, telling ABC News “Lots of people were losing their jobs, despair was written all over the headlines, and I just wanted to give some people hope.” So, somewhere in the Rockies, over an expanse of 1,000 miles between the Canada border and Santa Fe, New Mexico, Forrest left a treasure he says is worth millions.

Is it even worth trying to find this treasure?

Yes. It is absolutely worth finding. In fact, he gave us many clues to do so. In the image to the left, you’ll see the original poem Forrest created for the estimated 350,000 to 400,000 people who have gone searching for his treasure.

Although many people doubt that this treasure even exists, there are a couple witnesses who can attest to seeing the actual booty before Forrest hid it. But, he said that hiding his treasure in the first place was simply because he wanted to encourage families to enjoy the outdoors.


How can learning to river raft help me in my search?

While Forrest says that the treasure isn’t too close to water, most of the places you may need to search are far from any actual road. So, learning to river raft may be your only option if you are not wanting to go walking up mountain peaks and down into valleys.

You can easily have one of our guides teach you the ropes so you can get started on your quest. But, you might want to start now, as most people have had a few years head start. Regardless though, he told his fans to simply “Read the clues in my poem,” “study maps of the Rocky Mountains,” “try to marry the two,” and have fun, because “the search is supposed to be fun.”

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