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Rafting With Kids & Families

5 Tips For Rafting With Kids

August 10th, 2020

Rafting with kids provides a family experience that you cannot find any other way. Immersing yourself amongst canyons and wilderness that allows screen-free time and family bonding helps families grow closer together. NMRA is a family-owned company, and we’ve created a few experiences with the family dynamic in mind. We want the entire family to have a great time and return for many river trips in the future. Our guides are aware of this, so come prepared with a few jokes and get ready to have some fun!


Here are 5 things to consider when rafting with kids in New Mexico.

  1. What to wear?
  2. Snacks
  3. Water (To Drink!)
  4. Choosing the right trip
  5. Time spent together as a family

1)    What you should wear?


When rafting with kids, it’s best to bring synthetic materials, and layers. On our day trips, you should focus on layers and look ahead to the local weather forecast. Sun protective clothing, rain jacket, and a winter hat will have you covered for most weather conditions on overnight trips, our high alpine desert environment can be cold at night, even during peak summer. Read more using NMRA’s suggested packing lists. They are linked above.


2)    Snacks

River Snacks Family Rafting

We all love snacks! Each guide will have a day drybag to keep any essentials on hand for you. If you have dietary restrictions, let us know ahead of time. All-day trips include a snack stop- featuring some type of fruit and usually cookies. Our multi-day rafting trips in New Mexico include a river-side lunch. We want smiles and happy tummies for our young friends- so if your child has a specific favorite, please bring it along.


3)  Water (To Drink!)

Have you heard the joke about dehydration? No? That’s right. There’s nothing funny about dehydration. Even during overcast trips, hydration is important. Bring a water bottle along and try to fill it up a few times throughout the day. With hydration comes bathroom breaks. On overnight trips, we use a special piece of river equipment called a Groover. Yellow can flow downstream, but for other bathroom needs the groover is set-up at camp. Your guide will give detailed instructions on how to use it, don’t be afraid to ask questions. NMRA HQ is complete with changing rooms and bathroom facilities.


4)    Choosing the right trip

Rafting With Kids In new Mexico

Choosing the right trip is the first step in building a great family experience. Have a family talk. Most impressions come from the movies, and that can often feature the extreme element of the sport. NMRA offers a variety of New Mexico family rafting trips that fit into your schedule and family expectations. Northern New Mexico is known for its scenery, the Rio Chama is a great relaxed environment for ample family bonding. The Taos Box overnight is great for the adventurous teenagers in your life, looking for an exciting New Mexico whitewater rafting trip. When scheduling it is important to reference minimum trip age, as it can fluctuate with water levels.


5)  Time spent together as a family

Whitewater Rafting With Kids

It’s important to prioritize alone time spent together as a family. Rafting with kids is the perfect activity to engage your family in an outdoor activity. The more kids, the better. Check with our office staff to receive recommendations for New Mexico family rafting. There is a great opportunity for your family to connect with others looking for the same experience. Or, plan with your friends. Some guides have water cannons or bring one along. Hot summer days, nothing is better than a friendly squirt battle! Overnight rafting trips in New Mexico give lots of time for camp games and campfire storytelling.


It’s never too early to book your family rafting adventure in New Mexico. At NMRA we specialize in creating family experiences that provide memories to last a lifetime. For more information on family rafting trips in New Mexico, please explore our website or give us a call at 800-983-7756 to book your trip today. We can’t wait to see you on the river!


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