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Shiny New Boats!

March 10th, 2012

New Mexico River Adventures has just added to our fleet! We are the proud new owners of two brand spanking new Super Duper Pumas made by the company Aire out of Idaho.  We absolutely love this versatile design.  It is long enough to offer great stability in higher water situations in the Taos Box, as well as plenty of room for our guests to be comfortable and not feeling like sardines in a can.  The Super Duper is also skinny enough to work well in lower water technical situations, such as sliding through the slot at Big Rocks or threading through rocks at the Eye of the Needle.  Along with these two red beauties, we also added a couple of double inflatable kayaks into the mix.  Last season we had a few requests for these and we have answered the call.  They are perfect for any combination of skill level and a great way to share an adventure with your favorite partner.  New Mexico River Adventures does not charge any extra to take inflatable kayaks on our Rio Grande Gorge, Orilla Verde, Bosque or Racecourse trips.  We are so excited to take these babies for a spin.  If you book in April or May, you could be on the maiden voyage and we may even let you break the champagne over the bow! We look forward to seeing you all soon for some early season New Mexico river rafting!  Contact us at 800.983.7756 for some early season specials.

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