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Why a Rio Grande Rafting Trip is Better Than A Cruise!

April 16th, 2019

Everyone loves to have fun right? It’s a way we bring happiness into our lives. It’s a good thing. However, some fun things are a little more expensive than others; like a cruise, for example. But, having fun does not have to be expensive. There are many ways you can have fun without breaking the bank. And today, we want to show you one of those ways. We are going to be showing you why a Rio Grande rafting trip is better than a cruise.

Time Limits!

While a cruise is a fun first-time experience, the truth is that if you want to see spend more time in the place you arrive at, you won’t get the chance to. Most cruise ships port for about 10 hours, which is barely enough time to get off, get some food, maybe buy a souvenir and get back on. With a Rio Grande rafting trip, however, you’ll have plenty of time, before or after the trip, to go exploring the surrounding areas. So, when it comes to time limits, a ride down the Rio Grande has the upper hand.

Not on time? You’re left behind!

If you’ve gone on a cruise a few times, chances are you’ve heard stories about passengers who were left behind because they missed “Last Call.” Cruise ships are on tight schedules, which means that when they make the last call for people to get back on board, you either get on, or you will be stranded on whatever island you’re on. When that happens, if you left anything in your cabin onboard, it’s there for the remainder of the trip, and so are you.

Of course, when you go on a Rio Grande river adventure, people like to be on time, but, the difference here is that you won’t be stranded on a some island or foreign country. If you need to use the restroom one more time before you head down the rapids, you won’t have to worry about us waiting for you.

Not having fun? Too bad, you’re stuck!

When you’re on a cruise, whatever package you chose is the one you’re stuck with until the end of the voyage…even if you don’t like it. Of course, cruise passengers are usually able to meet people and mingle, but, if the activities onboard don’t interest you, or are too expensive for you, you’ll often find yourself with nothing to do.

On the flip side, however, when you book a trip down the Rio Grande, you won’t be stuck for days with nothing to do. In fact, since the trip themselves don’t usually take that long(unless you book a multiple-day trip), you’ll easily be able to go experience the other places near the river.


In conclusion, you should know that, of course, cruise trips are fun in their own right. But, remember, you don’t need to spend a fortune simply to have fun. That is why we believe that a Rio Grande trip is far better than a cruise. But, it’s up to you to decide which is better for you.

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