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Top 5 NMRA Trips for 2019

February 14th, 2019

With summer fast approaching, the time to choose your 2019 river rafting trip is now. One thing to note is that the snowpack is looking outstanding and it’s sure to provide New Mexico with a spectacular 2019 rafting season.  Because of this, we have compiled a list of our top 5 NMRA trips for 2019.  So, with that, read on to find your ideal summer vacation rafting trip. Enjoy!

1. Rivers and Brews with Bosque Brewery.

To start off, we obviously have to go with our most popular trip. The Bosque Brewery trip. Not only is this an NMRA team favorite, it’s a favorite of most of our guests. When things are getting hot and sweaty down on the Rio Grande, it’s always nice to have an innovative and delicious ice cold Bosque Brewery beer ready to quench your thirst. You get the best of both worlds, the river and beer. What more could you ask for?

2. The Taos Box.

With the whitewater looking to be the most advanced we’ve seen for a while, the Taos Box is a perfect NMRA summer vacation if you are an experience whitewater river rafter. With the wind blowing through your hair and the spray of the river spitting you in the face, you be having so much fun that you’ll forget how beautiful the scenery is on your sides. Of course, it’s absolutely fine to focus on the beauty of the river. Just don’t stare too deep, you might fall in.

3. Gourmet Wine Pairing 3 Day.

Chef Rocky Durham is one of our favorite chefs, and likewise, we love the Vivac Winery. If you are looking for a relaxing time going down the river with some much needed “watering” stops along the way, this is the perfect way to start your 2019 summer vacation. Not only will you be able to enjoy delicious gourmet food along the riverbank, you’ll also get to sip your wine too. So, this is the perfect adventure for those of you who love to drink your wine. Hooray!

4. Rio Chama Wellness.

With this trip, it’s time to get your yoga on. This trip allows you to get some much needed time off with your body. If you’ve ever had some health issues that just don’t seem to go away, climbing in a raft is the best thing for you. Not only will you be able to enjoy a nice calming adventure with the New Mexico rivers, you”ll also get a chance to get back to nature in the most healthy way. Namaste!

5. The Racecourse.

As the last one on our list, we wanted to highlight some important, and amazing, things about the Racecourse river adventure. With advanced whitewater coming to Taos Box, the whitewater that is going to be headed towards the Racecourse is going to be family friendly and perfect for a 24 hour adventure. So, you will definitely are going to want to add this to your summer adventure list.

Now that you know the Top 5 NMRA trips for 2019, you should start packing and getting things ready for an amazing 2019 summer adventure vacation.

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