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Overnight Rafting Trips

Top 3 Overnight Rafting Trips

August 20th, 2020

Whether you have experienced day river trips or are a total first-timer, the perfect overnight rafting trips await you in New Mexico. Overnight rafting trips are a great way to take it up a level and find time in the wilderness with family and friends, new and old. Northern New Mexico is known for its scenic beauty. Our river canyons are complemented by scenic vistas, colorful canyon walls, various wildlife, and cultural treasures. Are you new to whitewater rafting or aren’t sure which trip is right for you? Don’t worry, there is an overnight trip for any level of adventurer. NMRA makes this experience a breeze as we provide all your boating and camp equipment. Here are the top 3 overnight rafting trips available to you in New Mexico! Rio Chama – 3 Day Rafting Trip Taos Box Overnight Whitewater Rafting Trip 24 Hours On The Rio Grande   1)     Rio Chama – 3 Day Rafting Trip Welcome to the Rio Chama, a Wild and Scenic River. The Rio Chama is a major tributary of the Rio Grande. Flowing through the Chama River Wilderness you are treated to a scenic wilderness adventure. The Rio Chama River Valley is credited to be […]

Rafting With Kids & Families

5 Tips For Rafting With Kids

August 10th, 2020

Rafting with kids provides a family experience that you cannot find any other way. Immersing yourself amongst canyons and wilderness that allows screen-free time and family bonding helps families grow closer together. NMRA is a family-owned company, and we’ve created a few experiences with the family dynamic in mind. We want the entire family to have a great time and return for many river trips in the future. Our guides are aware of this, so come prepared with a few jokes and get ready to have some fun!   Here are 5 things to consider when rafting with kids in New Mexico. What to wear? Snacks Water (To Drink!) Choosing the right trip Time spent together as a family 1)    What you should wear?   When rafting with kids, it’s best to bring synthetic materials, and layers. On our day trips, you should focus on layers and look ahead to the local weather forecast. Sun protective clothing, rain jacket, and a winter hat will have you covered for most weather conditions on overnight trips, our high alpine desert environment can be cold at night, even during peak summer. Read more using NMRA’s suggested packing lists. They are linked above.   2)    Snacks […]