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Camping and Outfitting

At New Mexico River Adventures we use the most up to date state of the art camping equipment while in the field. From our kitchen with it’s stainless steel pots and pans, aluminum and cast iron Dutch ovens, 4 burner propane stoves, to all of our camping gear and outdoor equipment our guests will be outfitted in comfort and style.

We go the extra mile to make sure you are comfortable in camp and the food will be nothing short of fantastic. In the field we use fresh whole foods and cook with a southwestern home style flair that is sure to suit all palettes. Tents are modern dome style built to withstand the extreme weather that we sometimes see. The privy is a modern unit that looks just like the one back home. It doesn’t flush but is just as comfortable, sturdy, and comes with a better view.

New Mexico River Adventures select their camps on a basis of timing, group size and hiking/exploration potential. We want a place that lets you wander at the end of the day and unwind from modern life. We almost always set a large tarp to shelter from the sun, and maybe rain, as well as a circle of chairs to create a sense of community with the guides and other guests. As the night comes and river stories from the guides and guests are laughed away into the stars you will sleep in the quiet of nature with the sounds of the mountains and river enhancing your dreams.