Just back from another great trip to Santa Fe. We discovered NMRA last year and rafted with them twice. The second time we discovered the brewery directly across the street and fell further in love with this little patch of the rio grande.

I have a 7 year old and my brother has a 5 and 8 year old. Ryan, our guide for both trips last year and our one trip this year, was awesome. Great personality, remembered names, made the ride interesting, had been prepared with facts about the region, river, etc. I think I know who the owners are, and they are wonderful, but it is a testament to their team that it doesn't matter if they are helping you or one of their staff is manning the counter.

As an important aside, they have a fully stocked shop for those items that you may have forgotten or didn't know you needed. And they don't take advantage of you either. Everything is fairly priced. I will, one day, book a three day trip with this outfit and really test our rafting and outdoorsmanship, but that will have to be in a few years when our children are big enough to handle it. For now, the lazy race course in the late summer is a perfectly mild adventure for our family.

Brock S.