Kayaking in New Mexico

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Do you find yourself dreaming about waves hitting you in the face as you paddle down a challenging river through a beautiful canyon? We do and it shows in our passion for whitewater kayaking in New Mexico. Whitewater Kayaking is one the most exciting and rewarding activities that the outdoors has to offer, and New Mexico River Adventures' certified instructors are ready and willing to share their love and knowledge of the sport with you and your family.

Located in the heart of the Rio Grande Gorge, we have a variety of perfect rivers on which to teach within a short drive of our headquarters. As well, we travel to the Wild and Scenic Rio Chama for an unsurpassed multiple day instructional clinic in a remote canyon of exceptional beauty. At New Mexico River Adventures, we recognize that not all of our students learn the same way and at the same pace. For that reason, our world-class instructors utilize a variety of different techniques to insure the greatest opportunity for success. Just because you're in a group, doesn't necessarily mean that it is a group teaching. Our instructors will make you feel like you're an individual and address each individual's skill progression whether you're in a group or private lesson.

This is especially evident through our low student to instructor ratio in all our courses. All of our courses meet at our whitewater headquarters in the heart of the Rio Grande Gorge. With a wide variety of sections, the Rio Grande is the perfect venue for any and all styles and skill levels of kayaking in New Mexico. Oh and did we mention warm water? Yes, in the later summer months the combination of water levels and warm water temperatures make the Rio Grande the perfect river to learn to kayak. Please join us in one of our many kayaking clinics and courses and experience the wonderful world of whitewater kayaking in New Mexico.


Bobby Flay has gone with us and our food may be the best you've ever had on an outdoor adventure!
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