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Boat Types and Configurations

At New Mexico River Adventures we use many different types of boats to explore the waterways we operate on. We only use modern state of the art equipment that is in excellent shape and outfitted with your comfort and safety in mind. Our fleet of larger boats from 13′ to 15’6″ are exclusively self-bailing models equipped with foot cups and multiple cross thwarts for paddler stability and confidence. We use these boats during high water and for gear loads on multi-day trips. Our fleet of smaller boats are also mostly self-bailer models all though there are still some “bucket boats” out on the river. These smaller boats are for low water levels and designed to maneuver between the rock with greater agility. 90% of or fleet is made out of urethane fabrics which are lighter, stronger and more abrasion resistant than traditional rubber fabrics.

Oar Boats

In this setup the guide sits in the middle of the boat and the guests ride both fore and aft of the guide. The guide maneuvers the boat with two oars and the guests hang on.

Paddle Boats

This configuration has the paddlers sitting in front of the guide in rows down each side of the boat the guide then maneuvers the boat from one of the rear corners. This style of rafting is all about participation and team work. Most of our trips are run as paddle boats.

Oar Paddle Combo

We like to use the oar paddle combo during high water as a tool that enables the guide to take complete of the raft if necessary. This technique is used in the Upper Taos Box and Razorblades sections at the guides preference. The oar paddle combo is offered as a adventure package at high water on the Lower Taos Box and Racecourse sections for two paddlers who want to go as big as you can during peak water.